Full In-Depth Review 2022

Very clean user interface with customization options
Unlimited bandwidth
20Gbps upload and download speed
Live chat
Easy to use
Not all apps are auto-updated
Only a few packages
Customer service is very slow

Cloudboxes Review

From $17 / month

Rating: 7.5 / 10 An In-Depth Review for 2022

When browsing the internet looking for a good seedbox, is always one of the more popular names that pop up. While it certainly has a great reputation, that alone is not enough of a reason to go sign up. That’s why these in-depth reviews are so useful. That way, you can learn all there is to know about a seedbox before you make a commitment.

If has made it onto your shortlist, this article is for you. We are going to put this seedbox under a microscope and look at its app support, main features, Plex server support, pricing plans, and more, and really tell you if this is one of the best seedboxes available or not.

Packages, Pricing and Server Specifications

For better or for worse this section will be pretty simple as only offers three different packages: Small, Medium, and Large. Here are the details: Packages, Pricing and Server Specifications

Small Seedbox

  • $17.62 per month
  • 1 TB Storage (NVMe + HDD hybrid)
  • 4 TB + 100 Mbit unmetered outgoing traffic
  • GPU transcode costs $11.78 per month (free on an annual plan)
  • Dedicated IP costs $5.89 per month (free on an annual plan)
  • 20 Gbps incoming traffic & uplink
  • 10 cores

Medium Seedbox

  • $35.29 per month
  • 3 TB storage (NVMe + HDD hybrid)
  • 12 TB + 100 Mbit unmetered outgoing traffic
  • GPU Transcode costs $11.78 per month (free on an annual plan)
  • Dedicated IP costs $5.89 per month (free on an annual plan)
  • 20 Gbps incoming traffic and uplink
  • 20 cores

Large Seedbox

  • $94.22 per month
  • 6 TB storage (NVMe + HDD hybrid)
  • 35 TB + 1 Gb unmetered outgoing traffic
  • Free GPU Transcode
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • 20 Gbps incoming traffic and Uplink
  • 40 cores

Those who have been exposed to other seedbox plans may be a little disappointed that only has a small handful of options available. Even worse is the fact that very useful options like GPU transcoding and a dedicated IP will cost extra for the Small and Medium packages.

Additionally, the monthly fees of these plans are not the cheapest, to begin with. The small plan is certainly affordable but it will double in price if you also want GPU transcoding and a dedicated IP.

Keep in mind that all packages offered by use shared servers, so even though 20 Gbps sounds like a lot, you will in all likelihood be sharing them with several other people.


While may be lacking when it comes to variety of packages, it makes up for that with its large list of useful features. We’ve already touched upon the fact that dedicated IPs and GPU transcoding are only available in annual plans or the Large package, so now we’ll discuss what is guaranteed to be available to you regardless of what you pick. Features is compatible with the top media players including Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin. Plex servers are also very easy to install as they can be accomplished right from the dashboard.

Speaking of which, has a very snazzy UI that is not only very easy on the eyes but is designed in a very intuitive manner. Dark Mode

It even comes included with a Dark Theme mode that alters the colors to be even easier to look at, especially at night time.

This seedbox is also quite impressive when it comes to security features. Two-factor Authentication uses two-factor authentication and also enabled 256-bit SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer) with all compatible apps.

All packages also give you complete Root Access to the VPS, which is a fantastic feature for more technical users who want total control over administrator-level configurations and system settings. Root Access can also be combined with a dedicated IP so that you will be given full port range, which will really come in handy for torrents and installing additional apps.

Speaking of torrents, can be used with all of the popular torrent clients such as Deluge, Transmission, and ruTorrent. Each one works perfectly and can be installed within mere seconds.

One feature that will be great news to many is the seamless Google Drive integration that also offers.

Additionally, allows public trackers so that your torrents will always be easily discoverable for improved seeding ratios.

When it comes to the network speeds for uploading and downloading, isn’t the fastest but it does handle pretty well. In the middle of downloading multiple torrents, this seedbox can often reach 70Mbps despite being a shared server, which is ultimately pretty good. You will have to make sure to manually set the download and upload speeds to the unlimited setting so that the forced default cap will be turned off.

The UI of looks pretty standard and is definitely reminiscent of more popular torrent clients like uTorrent. While it looks a little barebone, it functions perfectly well and is easy to toy with even for beginners.

App Support

While has a very solid list of built-in features, it does not fare nearly as well when it comes to app support or app compatibility. Overall, supports a total of 16 apps. While that number may seem pretty small compared to what other seedboxes offer, the good news is that the apps that are compatible are some of the most useful. App Support

One popular app that works well here is Sonarr, which allows you to automatically monitor and seek out content from Usenet or torrent clients. This is one of the most valuable seedbox apps out there because of how much more convenient your downloading will be. As a result, it is great news that it has perfect compatibility with

Another very similar app that has support here is CouchPotato. It works like Sonarr by automatically downloading movie content for you in the highest quality available.

Fans of popular media streaming systems like Emby and Plex will be happy to hear that Plex and Emby servers have support here as well.

One important app that is a great boon here is Syncthing, which makes file synchronization an absolute cinch. This will be a very important app to install for anyone who really needs to have hundreds if not thousands of gigabytes of data to be as well organized as possible.

One great app that isn’t compatible with too many seedboxes is Storj, a decentralized cloud storage app that has fantastic performance and is wonderful for storing files in a highly protected and anonymous way. definitely gets some bonus points for being one of the few seedboxes that support this app. is also compatible with Rclone Mount, Nextcloud, File Manager, and a few more. While the list isn’t huge, can still become a very solid seedbox if all or most of these apps are installed.

It is also important to note that supports the ‘1-click installation’ feature. It works excellently and allows you to install any of these apps instantly. This allows you to load up your seedbox with all the essential tools you need as fast as possible so that you can have optimal downloading and uploading before you even get started.

Installation and Management

Like many of the best seedboxes out there, can be installed very easily and very quickly by just about anyone. It comes with the option to be implemented via the instant installation feature. Combine this with the 1-click app installation feature and is super simple to get working. Installation and Management

As for managing the seedbox itself, it’s pretty straightforward. is something I would classify as one of the simpler seedboxes when it comes to configurations and settings. It is very beginner-friendly but the Root Access option also makes it appealing to more advanced users.

Managing your downloads is very easy to do, even without extra file sync apps and the like. Overall, rates very highly when it comes to installation and management.

Support and Wiki

One of the areas where unfortunately suffers is customer support. This is going to be a hit-and-miss area in general as some people have reported positive experiences, but generally, has some very slow response times.

While their customer support is actually pretty good when it comes to providing helpful answers, they use a ticket-based system for replying to customers and it is one of the slowest systems I’ve used for a seedbox. I would not recommend using it too often unless you are feeling either very desperate or very lucky. Support and Wiki

Things start to look up a bit once we start to look at their wiki. It isn’t the most comprehensive seedbox wiki out there, but it definitely gets the job done. It doesn’t answer the more technical questions about the seedbox though, which is a shame as the only available route left to you is to deal with the sluggish customer service.

Despite that, the wiki does have some useful information related to general tips, networking, and details on some apps. It is a useful and relatively short wiki I would recommend reading before using, especially if this is your first time using a seedbox at all.

Payment Methods

What perhaps might be the most puzzling aspect of is the omission of traditional payment methods. You cannot use credit or debit cards to purchase one of their seedboxes. While this is a good thing in the sense that takes security and privacy very seriously, it does place a limit on a lot of people who prefer to pay the usual way.

What does allow you to pay with are Paypal payments, Bitcoin, and Altcoins. Paypal is not particularly anonymous so it is odd to think that they are not accepting credit card payments on that basis alone.

While their payment methods are great for those who want to pay anonymously, the absence of credit card options is curious, to say the least. also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee that applies to all three of their payment options, which gives you a decent amount of time to test drive the seedbox to see if it is to your liking.

The Verdict is one of those seedboxes that is very easy to recommend to some people, but certainly not everyone. This is a very good seedbox for first-timers as installation and management are very simple and the small plan offers a good number of features for a solid price. also offers some solid network speeds, but they are nowhere near the top speeds offered by a seedbox and maybe a little disappointing to those who prefer to always download multiple files at once. The slow customer service can also be a drag at times and the limited number of packages may be a turnoff for more picky customers.

The app support is good in terms of performance, but a little lackluster when it comes to how many are compatible in the first place.

While it undeniably has its fair share of problems, still manages to be a very viable seedbox thanks to unlimited bandwidth, a good UI, and its very intuitive design that is always easy to use. If you are looking for your first seedbox then this is a very good choice. Just make sure to install as many apps as possible so you can really unlock its true potential.

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